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What is liquid collateral (lc25)?

Foxify has a wide range of unique and innovative features being implemented across the platform to bring both the best experience and best value for users.

The most recent one to be announced in the Liquid Collateral feature (shortened to LC25).

So what is LC25 and how does it work?

Foxify's unique Liquid Collateral feature (LC25), allows a depositor in the PLP to leverage up to 25% of their deposited balance as trading collateral for either Perps or Options trading. This means that whilst the PLP is deposited, and earning, 25% of that capital can be used as trading collateral on the Foxify platform. Any earnings from the PLP will not be impacted unless you were to lose your collateral whilst trading. This provides a lucrative opportunity for traders who deposit in the PLP to also be able to trade, without the need of additional capital.

This unique function frees up liquidity for trading while still being able to earn APR in USDC, BTC & ETH on your PLP deposit. Please note: PLP withdrawals by the user are locked whilst the feature is in use, but accessed again once the user is no longer utilizing LC25.So, how does this compare to other trading platforms?

Comparative Platform
LP Deposit $10,000
Trading Balance $2,500
Total Liquidity required $12,500 

PLP Deposit $10,000
Trading Balance $2,500
Total Liquidity required $10,000

As you can see in the above example, a trader requires $2,500 more liquidity when using another platform compared to what they would need on Foxify.

Foxify is a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform built on the Arbitrum blockchain. Offering a new, user-friendly way to trade Options, Perps trading with up to 50x leverage plus a range of totally unique features such as LC25 as above, Leveraged Liquidity, OptiTrade Technology and more. Join the Foxify community here:

Note - Your PLP is at risk if you lose your collateral trading.

Disclaimer: any information provided by Foxify as part of the Academy is for informational/educational purposes only and not financial advice. Please always do your own research.