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Learn everything there is to know about crypto, blockchain and decentralization. Find out more about what makes Foxify truly unique and how you can get started on your trading journey.



Buying Foxify Options

Watch the tutorial to learn how to buy Foxify Options.

Foxify Overview

Foxify is a decentralized trading platform that offers innovative Options & Perps trading. Watch the video to find out more.

OptiTrade Technology

Foxify utilizes OptiTrade Technology to create a CeFi experience with DeFi security, find out how.

Foxify Trading Co. NFTS

Find out more about the coveted Foxify Trading Co. NFTs and what discounts they can offer on your trading fees.

Foxify Affiliate Program

Learn about our Foxify Affiliate program and how you can make a passive income.

OptiTrade Technology

Find out how OptiTrade Technology is bridging the gap between CeFi & DeFi.

Liquid Collateral

Learn about Foxify's unique feature, Liquid Collateral.

Selling Foxify Options

Learn how to sell options on Foxify, one of the platforms most unique features.

crypto basics

Storing Cryptocurrency

Find out about the different types of cryptocurrency storage and the difference between custodial & non-custodial storage.


APY & APR are both frequently used to demonstrate return on an investment, but what's the difference?

What is Blockchain?

Find out more about what blockchain is and how it works.

CEX vs. DEX: A Comparison

Learn about the differences between Centralized & Decentralized Exchanges.

What Impacts Price?

Watch the tutorial to learn how to buy Foxify Options.

Liquidity & Liquidity Pools

Learn about liquidity pools & provision.

Bull vs Bear Markets

Find out about the different markets and how spot them.

trading 101

What is Leverage in Perps Trading?

Find out more about leverage and how it works.

Why Trade Decentralized?

Find out more about the benefits of decentralized trading.

What is Perps trading? - Video

Watch our Academy video to learn more about Perpetuals trading.

What is Perps trading?

Find out more about trading Perpetuals, and what Perps Trading actually means.